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Hundesele med sikkerhedssele-lås

  • CAR BUCKLE – enables attachment to all seat belt systems in cars, which means that the device guarantees wide application and a guarantee of matching regardless of the make and model of the vehicle.
  • LENGTH ADJUSTMENT – adaptation to current needs is ensured by a system of smooth length adjustment, which gives the dog a certain amount of freedom in the case of larger cars or limits their movement.
  • ELASTIC – the stretching part of the leash absorbs sudden strokes, and thus increases the animal’ s comfort and reduces injuries in the event of sudden braking or participating in a road collision.
  • EASY ASSEMBLY – mounting to the collar is done with a carabiner fastener, which is recommended to be attached to the dog’ s harness.
  • SPECIFICATION – dimensions (min-max length): 61-80cm weight 103g.


  • min-max length: 61-80cm
  • weight: 103g

NOTE – for the dog’ s safety, the belts must not be attached to the collar worn around the neck, only to the harness!

Hundesele med lås

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