Komplet bilplejesæt fra Nanox® 5 produkter. SPAR 11%

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Komplet bilplejesæt fra Nanox® 5 produkter. SPAR 11%


Nanox® Detail Wax
Nanox® Nano Glass Treatment
Nanox® Leather Cleaner and Conditioner (vegan- and real leather)
Nanox® Interior Protectant  
Nanox® Wash and Wax

Nanox® Detail Wax is a revolutionary product for the ultimate showroom shine and protection

  • New isopolymer based waxes provide superior gloss with an ultra slick coating that resists dirt and paint destroying road film
  • Advanced polymers create a two layered approach to treat each surface: The primary layer creates a hardened, protective surface that guards
  • In-house & unique Nanotechnology formula
  • 650 ml.

Nanox® Glass Treatment offers clearer visibility in all weather conditions improving driver comfort and safely. Water beading technology repeals rain, sleet and snow

  • Prevents snow, ice an sleet
  • Improves visibility
  • Reduces glare
  • 650 ml.

Nanox® Leather Cleaner and Conditioner resulting in a natural, soft finish (vegan- and real leather)

  • Nano-polymers penetrate deep into the leather for fade resistance and ultima UV protection
  • In-house & unique Nanotechnology formula
  • Easily to apply
  • Cleans and moisturizes
  • 450 ml.

Nanox® Interior Protectant  

A non-greasy formula which protects vinyl, rubber and plastic against discoloration and aging.It cleans, renews and restores the natural shine while protecting against UV radiation and oxidation.

  • Non-greasy formula
  • Deep, rich finish
  • UV protection

Nanox® Wash and Wax hybrid formula is the first step to a showroom shine. New nanotechnology cleaning agents remove the toughest dirt and grime without stripping wax

  • High suds formula
  • Water spot resistant
  • It safe to use on all painted surfaces, rubber, vinyl and plastic components

Komplet bilplejesæt fra Nanox® 5 produkter. SPAR 11%

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