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MAUS Xtin Klein – Fremtidens Aerosol-ildslukker

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MAUS Xtin Klein – Fremtidens Aerosol-ildslukker

  • Leaves no extinguishing residue
  • Requires no maintenance
  • 5-year warranty*
  • 6 years of shelf life from the date of production
  • Small and weighs only 480 grams
  • Does not suffocate oxygen
  • Fights all kinds of fires
  • Winner: The Innovation Award at the Secours Expo in France 2021
  • Certified by Rina, BAM and is CE marked

The smallest and most versatile fire extinguisher MAUS Xtin Klein is a revolution in firefighting. MAUS Xtin Klein uses an innovative active Formula based on potassium to effectively extinguish the fire while leaving no extinguishing residue, sometimes doing more damage than the fire itself. It helps you in case of fire in boat engine, cooking kitchen, battery, gas stove and more.

MAUS Xtin Klein is a fire extinguisher so small that it fits in the glove compartment of your car. Due to its size, it is extremely portable and agile. It includes a bracket that makes it easy to mount it in your home, car, boat, motorhome or why not let it accompany you on the picnic. A technique you can use to put out fires, without destroying engines, fittings, or electronics unnecessarily. MAUS Xtin Klein shall be a complement to approved fire protection (EN3-7 certified fire protection) where there are such requirements and regulations. A technique you can use to put out fires, without destroying engines, fittings, or electronics unnecessarily.

MAUS has been certified by the Bundesanstalt für Materialforschung- und Prüfung (BAM) in Berlin. MAUS also has a CE certificate and has been tested by the Italian test body RINA S.r.l, which has been testing marine appliances since the 19th century.

Our call is: Always use MAUS first! But, have a powder extinguisher in case the fire becomes too big for our unit.

MAUS effectiveness & usability is known among the leading organizations that have the highest requirements for fire safety and equipment. Customers include The police, Ambulance, PostNord, Sandvik, Anticimex, Govi (Europe’s Largest RIB boat importer), racing associations and many more.


Materials: Plastic & Metal
Length: 242 mm
Diameter: 53 mm
Weight: 480 grams
Fire classes (according to certificate) B – Gas, C – Burning fuel (gasoline, oil, diesel etc).
Working in: -28 °C-+ 48 °C
Extinguishing time: 9 seconds.
Extinguishers: Potassium mix (completely harmless and environmentally friendly)
Throw Length: 3 meters.
Certificates: CE, Rina & BAM
Recycle as “Spray Jar with Content” when used.
Wall mount and screws are included in the package.

*Register your device on www.mausregistration.com for a 5-year warranty

For all FAQ regarding Maus Xtin Series click here

Watch video here when powder extinguisher vs Maus Xtin extinguishes the fire on a boat engine


It is small, practical and has enough power to put out a fire in the car’s interior or engine compartment. Today’s cars are becoming safer, but the fires in cars have increased. With the Maus Xtin Klein in the center console or glove compartment, you are never more than an arm’s distance from a rapid firefighting that can save family and fellow passengers. Even if it burns inside the car, a Maus Xtin Klein can be thrown in to fill the car with the harmless potassium smoke, which stops the fire as long as the potassium-based smoke is allowed to flow in the space.


When fat and cooking oil start to burn, it can quickly turn into an inferno. And if you do not have anything nearby that can help put out the fire, you could suffer serious injuries. A Maus Xtin Klein by your stove takes up as much space as your pepper mill – which means that it is always there when you need it most!


It is important to be aware of fire hazards on board the boat. If you have a kitchenette, electrical equipment, LPG, petrol or diesel fuel, engines and engine compartments on board, there is a risk of fire. Maus Xtin Klein is stored visibly on the boat so that you are never far from a quick response in the event of a fire on board the boat.


Maus Xtin Klein is the perfect fire extinguisher for your motorcycle. It weighs only 480 grams and measures 24 cm, so it is small enough to be stored in your side bag. With its powerful potassium-based smoke, you can make sure to put out any fires that may occur on your motorcycle.


In an office environment with a computer room, power station or similar, the recommendation for the electrical environment must be considered. Maus Xtin Klein extinguishes minor fires in electrical environments without affecting either electrical equipment or data information. You do not even have to clean up after the fire! Maus Xtin Klein easily fits in your computer bag or desk drawer.


Get yourself a Maus Xtin Klein extinguisher and make this summer’s grilling foolproof! Whether you have a charcoal grill or a gas grill, you can be safe with a Maus close at hand in the event of a fire.


MAUS Xtin Klein – Fremtidens Aerosol-ildslukker

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