CRAZY FLAMINGO Wrap + Matt Car Shampoo 1000 ml.

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CRAZY FLAMINGO Wrap + Matt Car Shampoo 1000 ml.

Crazy Flamingo er unikt udviklet til biler med folie, eller biler som er mat lakeret.
Produktet er den perfekte pH balanceret shampoo specialdesignet til dig, som ønsker at forlænge levetiden på din folie.
Den helt unikke formel har en effektiv og fremragende renseeffekt, og giver en flot finish uden voks.

100% voksfri
Mindsker chancen for vaskeridser

Highly effective, but gentle to foils, matt paints and surfaces – without glossing agents!

Racoon CRAZY FLAMINGO Shampoo was especially developed for an intensive, gentle cleaning and care of foils.
including sensitive plasti-spray foils refined surfaces and matt lacquers.

The pH-neutral shampoo, which is ideally suited for light and dark colors, contains no ingredients that could give the surface a gloss or shine! But it contains additional, completely new glide additives that allow the wash glove to glide over the surface even more gently – thus avoiding ugly scratches!

The active foam, which effectively dissolves even stubborn dirt, can be rinsed off easily with clear water after the washing process and leaves a clean, really matt finish – without stains and streaks!
And the surface structure is also refreshed and regenerated again.

According to the color, a fresh, pleasant scent of red berries.
This makes washing even more fun!

Shake well before use!
Depending on the soiling; add approx. 50 – 100ml shampoo to 10 litres of warm wash water!
1000 ml.

CRAZY FLAMINGO Wrap + Matt Car Shampoo 1000 ml.

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